October 30, 2011

My favourites: August, September and October

First of all, I have a little bit of explaining to do. The last post I did was about a month ago, so I have been away for quite a while. The reason for this absence had been the start of the new scholastic year for me. I started my Masters in translation at university and the amount of work kind of overwhelmed me so much that I couldn’t put myself to write for my blog. Now however, I’m settled a bit again, and I decided to start again this weekend and what better way to start then by telling you about my favourites of the last month(s).

Well, it’s almost the first of November and therefore the perfect time to make a favourites list. For a while now I’ve been using the music scrobbler from Last.fm to keep a record of the music I listen to. This program – easy to install! – keeps track of what you listen to on your computer – in the windows media player as well as in iTunes (you can even let it synchronize your iPod to scrobble the songs you listened to on there). On your online profile you then can see what artists you have listened to the most – over the last week, the last year or overall, but also (important!) over the last three months. This has given me the idea to, at the start of every new month, make a list of the 10 artists I’ve listened to the most over the previous 3 months – with a bit of extra info on the why?

These are the lists (artists and songs) of the months August, September and October.

The artists:

Counting down to 6
The final spot in the list these months is occupied by two artists. I’ve listened to these two in an equal amount: Joss Stone and Jason Mraz. Always when I’m busy, I put all the songs I have in one playlist. This way I can listen to some music during doing my homework, without having to decide which artist I want to listen to! I always have a problem choosing xD. For this reason I heard a lot of songs from Jason Mraz. I have 80 Mraz songs on my laptop, so it’s not a surprise that he passes in the playlist. The same thing explains why Joss Stone is here, but there’s another explanation for hew presence: she released her new album quite recently, so I listened to that a few times over.
These two great artists are followed by Róisín Murphy. I rediscovered some oldies from my earlier musical experiences and I heard the song: Sing it back by Moloko again for the first time since a few years. This got me curious about the band and their music, so I searched them on the internet. What did I find? The lead-singer of Moloko had made some solo-albums and after downloading them I immediately listened to them and therefore she’s in this list – but I do like her! Her music is quite peculiar, but very nice.
Number 7 is reserved for Pitbull. The reason for this resembles that of the number 8: I was curious about his albums, and as it turns out he had already made like 6 albums. So I downloaded those and I’ve listen to two of them up until now. That’s the reason why he’s on this list. Plus: I really like his song Fuego and I’ve listened to that song a few times over.
The next one is another artist who features a lot in that playlist I mentioned. I’m talking about Jamie Cullum. I’ve been listening to his music for a while now and I haven’t grown tired of it yet!

Numbers 4 and 5
It’s a bit of a boring list of reasons this post, I must say. With the numbers 4 and 5, it’s the same case as with Jason Mraz and Jamie Cullum. I’ve been listening to the playlist, so the artists of whom I have the most songs, will be in this overview.
Number 5 is Michael Bublé! I have 107 (!) Bublé songs, and I love to listen to him, especially when I’m studying, because all of Michael’s songs are fairly known to me, and not to “invasive” – they don’t distract me to much from the work I have to do.
The same thing applies to Rihanna, who’s on number 4 this time. For her still slightly brief career she has already made 5 albums, and the sixth is on the way! I can’t wait for it to come out.

Runners up
This month’s runners up are Jessie J in third place and Lady Gaga in second place. These two ladies are fantastic! When I really have to chose an artist, they often come up in my mind! That’s the reason why their probably almost always in this overview. Especially Who you are by Jessie J is a great album to listen to in its entirety and therefore it’s a great choice, when you maybe can’t choose. Besides that, I really love the song that Lady Gaga has sung along side of Tomy Bennett! It's amazing what good singers they are, and the song is amazing (like the clip!)

The #1
Well, the number one this time doesn’t come as a big surprise, like last time ;). Last September the 23rd my favourite dutch artist released his third album: Lohengrin. Of course I’m talking about Wouter Hamel. This album contains 12 new songs, and they’re all amazing yet again. The day the album fell on the doormat at home I already listened to it like three or four times! It’s fantastic, so it’s not strange that Wouter Hamel is on #1 (with 119 songs listened to, opposite Lady Gaga in second spot with 74 songs).
I would say: everyone has to listen to this album, but I can’t order anyone to do this of course! Still, listen to it, and let me know what you think!

The songs

The list:
1. Wouter Hamel – Demise
2. Wouter Hamel – Touch the stars
2. Wouter Hamel – Finally getting closer
4. Jessie J – Abracadabra
4. Wouter Hamel – What’s left
4. Wouter Hamel – Kings & queens
4. Wouter Hamel – Rue Damremont
4. Wouter Hamel – Lohengrin
4. Wouter Hamel – Toronto
4. Wouter Hamel – Skimming in the skies
11. Joss Stone – Don’t start lying
11. Wouter Hamel – Little boy lost
11. Wouter Hamel – GiuGiu
11. Wouter Hamel – Zhavaronki
15. Jessie J – Stand up

There should be only 10 songs on this list, but some songs I put on as many times as others, so it’s a little bit bigger this time!

Again, no surprises here: I listened to Wouter Hamel’s album so much, that all of his 12 new songs are in the top 10 listened-to-songs-list. Some I listened to a few times more, because I would start to listen to the album, and then have to stop – to eat, or to go to university, or some other reason. And usually I would put it on again, starting from the first song!
The Joss Stone song is, in my opinion the most interesting song from her new album LP1, so that’s why I listen to this songs, a little more then to the other songs from that album.
Jessie J, I explained earlier, I put on a lot so it’s not strange that’s she’s in this overview, but there is a explanation I can give for why Abracadra is so high up, despite Wouter Hamel’s dominance the last few months: I have a tendency to listen to the music on my Ipod in alphabetical order. However I sometimes forget where I was, so I start again, and most of the time (especially in the playlists I make) it means I start with Abracadabra.

That’s it’s for this post, so now you know what I’ve been listening to! What did you listen to this past month?

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