September 25, 2011

Favourite sites

In this blogpost I’d like to talk to you about some internetpages and – let’s call them – applications, that are related to my love for music and movies. I’ll give a short description and why I like them so much!
This is a very, very, very handy tool for everyone who watches a lot of movies and is a bit obsessed with finding out the answer to the question: Where have I seen that guy/girl before? The Internet Movie DataBase is – like the title says – a database with a lot of movies. You can search on movie title, actor, actress, director, composer etcetera. Almost everything I always want to know, you can find there. I usually use it to check what other movies an actor was in, or if they played a part in a television series I know, so I can place him or her. I love this site, just because it gives you all this general information and it’s easy to use. Just click on link after link and see where you’ll end up!
What I watch is a new site I discovered like a week ago. On your profile you can keep like a movie-diary. You can insert the movies you’ve watched and rate them. You can also make a list of the DVD’s you have and the TV-shows you see. It’s nice because it actually does a kind of statistical analysis on your behaviour when watching stuff.
Link to my profile: (I hope it works!)
It is in Dutch though!
This is like the IMDB only for music. You can find all kinds of information here, like composer, year album titles, compilations, EP’s and biographies. It’s very useful when you need to fill in the information when you’ve downloaded some music. I also use it to search the year of the albums I listened to for this blog.
This speaks for itself! The site to watch video’s covers and live clips. And together with you can obtain some mp3’s that are great and you mostly can’t download or buy the songs I obtain through zamzar!
Link (obvious!):
I already mentioned this site. You can use it to take a Youtube clip and convert it into a mp3 or mp4 only using the URL of the video. It’s a nice way to get live versions of songs and put them on your iPod. The only problem is that you can only convert songs up to a certain amount of MB (like 4:00 minutes is the maximum I think) for free at least.
This is the nicest site I’ve discovered up until now. This is the site that keeps track of all the songs, albums and artists you listen to! The only thing you have to do is download a plug-in for Windows Media Player and for iTunes and it makes a profile of this all online, where you can also add friends and look at what they listen to. It took me a while to figure out how the iTunes plug-in worked, but I really like it! Especially the word they use for the registering off the song: Scrobbling... That’s a nice word!

You have a favourite site you use a lot?