September 12, 2011

Review: Æon Flux – Karyn Kusama (2005)

A (relatively) short review this time. Not because there’s not much to say though! I wanna talk about a movie called Æon Flux, which was directed by Karyn Kusama. A short introduction: The movie was based on a series of animations made by Peter Chung that aired on MTV in the early nineties. It’s about this female assassin. The story of the film is based on that character.

The female assassin is played by Charlize Theron. The story takes place in a city in the future called Bregna. Apparently a long time ago there was a deadly virus which took out the whole population of planet earth, except those people who united in Bregna. This community has been living there under the authority of the Goodchild family for centuries, but there’s a rebel movement that wants to overthrow their regime.

This is where the assassin, Æon Flux, comes in. She is ordered to murder Trevor Goodchild, the governor, but things take an unexpected turn. I’m not gonna tell you anymore, ‘cause that would ruin it.
The story itself is pretty common, even though there are some interesting turns of events, and rather boring from time to time. It’s also a bit hard to understand sometimes, all in all: not very interesting. Besides that, you have to be able to handle futuristic stuff, like weird technology and strange weapons. But one nice thing about it is that it’s not very electronic like you see in movies like Star Trek with all the TV-screens and stuff, ‘cause everything is based on the world of the plants: it’s more organic (as they said in the Making of documentary)

All in all, the story and the surroundings aren’t very exciting, but I still liked the movie, and I’ll tell you why!
The atmosphere in the movie is pretty beautiful. Of course the story is based on an apocalyptic scenario, but it still looks like paradise. It seems as though everyone is happy. I’ve heard someone describe the movie as “a love story trapped in a futuristic world”.
Another thing I like, which you don’t see that often in Sci-Fi, is that the women are in control. The most powerful characters in this movie are female and very strong. The highlight of the movie is the performance of Charlize Theron! She’s so amazingly fit, it’s almost unreal. She’s almost catlike in the action scenes and is a perfect fit for the role.

This brings me to the most exciting part of the movie: the action sequences! The way they’re shot, and the way the fights are choreographed is amazing!

To sum up: I liked the movie, in spite of the relatively boring story, because of the action sequences and the way it was shot.
I can understand that, if you don’t like futuristic stuff and Sci-Fi, you’re not planning on watching this movie. Well, I do have one tip: Watch the opening scene! In it Æon Flux catches a fly with her fricking eyelashes! You shouldn’t miss that.

So, have you seen this movie?